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New functions in DL2 and DL7 data loggers and FP4 flow totalizer

In the latest version DL2 and DL7 the TREND function has been extended from 6 minutes to 1 hour. This allows user to analyse measurements on the device screen over a longer period of time without need data transfer to the computer system.

In DL2, DL7 and FP4 new function allows to adjust the real-time clock. With this function, time is counted with greater precision for logging process values.

Please contact us for a free firmware update.


DL7 data logger in the shockproof case

DL7 Case KIT enables operating the DL7 data logger using storage batteries (from 3 to 12 hours, depending on the number and types of installed I/O modules) or operating the DL7 device using delivered external power supply unit and standby supplying in the event of voltage break (backup). The device enables supplying sensors or transducers connected to the recorder with using an external battery.



Email notifications

E-mail notifications on DL2, DL7, DL7L recorders and FP4 counter

New feature, new possibilities:
– an e-mail message when an alarm occurs,
– notifications can be sent even to 5 recipients at the same time,
– cyclical report with sumator values ​​in daily, weekly or monthly mode,,
– regular access to the value of the adders without the necessity of additional access to the device,
– the possibility of immediate reaction in case of any problems with measurements.


Wall enclosure for DL2 and DL7

We are pleased to announce that flow totalizer is available in wall mounting case: FP4W.
We invite you to get familiar with our new products.



mLog software in new version

We are pleased to announce that mLog software has been extended with a new module.
New module enable to read and visualization of process values (table, single values, chart, bar graph, possibility of adding additional own graphic) from many computers (for many operators).

We invite you to contact us for information on access to the new function.


Modbus TCP (Client) in DL2 and DL7 devices

We are pleased to inform, that in our instruments there is a new function that allows reading measurements from other devices using the Modbus TCP protocol. The new function allows reading of values from twenty independent devices.
We invite you to contact us for information on access to the new function in your devices.


New functionality in devices in housing for wall-mounted

We are pleased to inform that devices in housing for wall-mounted have an extended operating temperature range. From now on, the instruments can work at temperatures below 0°C. The operating temperature for MPI-DN, FP-3011N and FP-3021N devices is – 20°C … 50°C, while for the FP-3031N device it is – 20°C … 40°C.

In addition, a new cable gland was used to install the cable with RJ45 plug (Ethernet).



Analogue outputs module OUT3 dedicated to devices DL7

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our range to include new measuring module OUT3 dedicated to devices DL7. The most important features of the module:

– 3 galvanically separated channels of analogue outputs, each can work as a power source or a voltage source in the following ranges: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-24mA, 0-5V, 0-10V,
Operating mode configuration in software, each channel can be configured to work in a different mode and range,
The possibility of sending measurement results to devices equipped with analogue inputs (meters, controllers, etc.).

We invite you to get familiar with our new product.


Change of company address and telephone number

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to inform you that from 4 April the telephone number and address company has changed.

New telephone number: +48 12 312 16 80.

New address: PL31- 426 Krakow, St. Zmujdzka 3, Poland